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Welcome! Gary and I want to share our experiences as we travel to Kazakhstan for or child(ren).

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Top 10 List

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The past three days have been extremely hot, in the 90’s. Thank goodness the humidity here is much less than in Miami. We had another excellent visit with Kristin today. We are both extremely smitten with her. As you can tell by the pictures, she has Gary completely wrapped around her little fingers. It leaves no doubt that she is Daddy’s girl.

As we wind down our visit here, we came up with the top 10 things we will miss in Kazakhstan.

10. The fashionable and attractive Kazakh women (of course this is Gary’s)
9. The low humidity-few bad hair days here. (of course this is Mel’s)
8. Valentina’s great pickled cabbage and other salads.
7. The great variety of beer and vodka. The beers have different numbers on their labels-the higher the number the greater the alcohol content.
6. The picturesque vistas of snow capped mountains and apple trees laden with fruit.
5. Not having to do our laundry.
4. Having dinner ready promptly by 7 PM daily- and we didn’t need to shop or cook.
3. The wonderfully fresh, flavorful and juicy fruits and vegetables.
2. Galina’s professionalism, hospitality and kindness.


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