Our Kazakhstan Journey

Welcome! Gary and I want to share our experiences as we travel to Kazakhstan for or child(ren).

Location: South Florida, United States

Friday, August 18, 2006

Counting Down

Well, today was day 10 of the official visits to the baby house. She was so playful today, laughing, smiling, wanting to be held. We placed her on the ground to let her try to figure out that she can crawl. For the first time today she got on her hands and knees and made an attempt to crawl. We believe that the government is correct about having the 2 week visiting period, as we have observed positive changes in her behavior in our daily visits. All these children need is some love, care and one-on-one attention in order to thrive. We now refer to her affectionately as the “big boss”. As all you parents already know, for the next 18 years…she rules. I’m looking forward to going home and setting up her bedroom and her playroom.

The driving here is as bad as in Jamaica. We were crossing the street today, had the green light when some idiot came careening around the corner. We are anxiously counting down to the time when we can finally be on our way home and closer to bring our beautiful daughter home.


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