Our Kazakhstan Journey

Welcome! Gary and I want to share our experiences as we travel to Kazakhstan for or child(ren).

Location: South Florida, United States

Friday, August 25, 2006

Three days to go

Well our return flights are confirmed and fortunately we did not have to pay any penalties. Today's visit was a real joy! We got an A+ on the feeding and she was "talking" and laughing loudly today. I think she knows that we are now her parents. We are already dreading leaving her on Monday!

You may have noticed that almost all the pictures are of Gary and Kristin. When we get home I have to give the proud papa some photography lessons. He either cuts my head off, catches me with my eyes closed or half closed...he makes a fine example of what NOT to do in photography. If it wasn;t for the blog, would you even know I was on this trip? :-)

The other picture is of Astana Square which is one block from our flat. There are always vendors, artists, and musicians there. We have to walk through this area to get to the internet cafe and Gary's gym.


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