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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Simpler Things in Life

Tuesday, August 15, 2006
We went to visit her this morning at 10 AM. Every day she seems to be vocalizing more with us. We had to feed her porridge, which she definitely prefers to potatoes and meat. We thought we were doing pretty well, but a few minutes later they sent in reinforcements to assist with the feeding. Within five minutes she finished the porridge, but for an hour after that, she kept spitting up...a lot!! I guess if I were forced to eat that fast, my stomach might be a bit upset also. Overall though, it was a very good visit. She definitely seems to want to be with us and loves to be held and walked. She also doesn’t seem to like too much fussing around her. For the fourth day in a row, she was wearing the same outfit. I just hope with all the spitting up she did today, that they put on a different outfit tomorrow. She fell asleep, on schedule at around noon, in Gary’s arms.

Galina went to file the petition for the adoption with the courts today. She feels that if all goes well, we may be able to get a court date by the 29th. We both are praying that this happens, as we are both very homesick. Also, we've heard some horror stories about other families experiencing significant delays. So far, everything has gone relatively smoothly for us and we hope and pray that it continues that way so that we may be home before Labor Day.

Also some good news for Gary...he finally found a decent gym. As most of you know, Gary is disciplined about working out (unlike me) and he has been climbing the walls since he hasn’t had a proper workout since we’ve been here. We signed him up and he's working out while I'm blogging. Also he was able to watch Monday Night Football this afternoon...we are definitely learning to appreciate the simpler things in life.


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