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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Same old, same old

August 11-12, 2006
Yesterday and today it was the same routine. Wake up, hang around the flat until 12:30 when Galina and Igor/ Valeri pick us up. Yesterday, the chief doctor and our attorney went to see the birth mother at her last known address. This was a formality. Tatyana told us that tomorrow she will tell us what they learned but there are no problems. Galina also translated and faxed the medical information the doctors in the States. We e-mailed them pictures. Both doctors said that she appeared healthy and her development seemed normal. Even though in our hearts we felt that this was the case, it was nonetheless very reassuring to hear it from the experts back home.

Everyday that we spend we her we are becoming more attached to her. Her face lights us and she gives us a big smile whenever she sees us. Yesterday and today, they dressed her up in one of the outfits that we had brought with us. Although the temperature feels like it is the high 80’s they bundle all the kids up from head to toe. I guess that they trying to ensure that none of the children get sick as it will easily spread to the others.

We are still struggling to feed her the entire portion. Yesterday one of the caretakers showed us how to do it. She fed her the entire bowl in less than 10 minutes. Meanwhile Gary and I can only manage to feed her less than half the quantity in half an hour. She is teething so I think the semi-solid food may be bothering her. You can see that the caregivers are really attached to the children and make the most of the resources that are available to them. We are grateful for the loving care she receives from them, but are dying to get her home. She already has the both of us wrapped around her little finger. She loves to be held in our arms and walked…and let’s you hear what strong lungs she has if you don’t do it right.:-)

Tomorrow families are not allowed to visit the orphanage so we will be spending the day sightseeing with Tatyana and another family that is here. She mentioned that we would probably go to the mountains. We're looking forward to the change.


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