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Welcome! Gary and I want to share our experiences as we travel to Kazakhstan for or child(ren).

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Letter of Invitation Arrives

Saturday 7/16/2006- We finally get THE call we've been waiting for. Tatyana, who works in Kazakhstan with my agency has seen the letter of invitation. Jeanette, my agency coordinator has informed me that we will be traveling by August 7. Although we have been anticipating this call for months, nothing prepares you for the excitement and joy at finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. It's hard to believe that we'll be traveling in only three weeks to the region of Almaty. This is Kazakhstan's former capital and is the center for commerce there. That's good news, maybe communications there will be okay. She also informs me that we should plan on staying there for one month, based on recent experiences of other families. Admittedly, a month is a long time, but it is miniscule in comparison to the lifetime ahead with our hoped for family.

Friday, 7/28/2006 At long last...after waiting for two weeks, and many anxious calls to our agency the letter of invitation was finally faxed to us. Prior to receiveing it we were busy booking flights, joining Yahoo user groups (first time), trying to develop my blog (first time), buying a laptop with wireless...a lot of firsts...and a lot to learn in just three weeks. Now just a quick stop to the downtown FEDEX office with our passports, money order, visa applications and the invitation and we're on our way. I hope the Consulate in New York will really turn this around in 2-5 days as they promise. We are traveling next Sunday 8/6/2006.


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